The New Year always brings new changes and challenges! At Frankel Dentistry, we embrace change in order to grow, innovate, create, and better serve our patients. 2024 has brought us plenty of new additions. Everything from new leaders, to new tech, to new doctors!

New Leaders!

We’d like to start off by introducing our newest leaders at both our Maumee and Toledo offices.

Congratulations to Rachel, our amazing team member who has transitioned from Front Team Lead to the role of Office Integrator! Her leadership and dedication will continue to shine as she takes on new responsibilities. We’re so grateful to have you apart of our team and excited for the journey ahead.

Rachel is now a front team lead

Congratulations Brittany, who with her unwavering commitment to excellence, has taken on the role as one of our Front Desk Team Leads, ensuring our patients continue to experience the highest level of care and service. We know our patients are in the best hands when with Britt and we are so excited for her next chapter with us!

Additionally, Tabitha has stepped into the position of Office Integrator. Tabitha’s exceptional leadership as our Front Desk Team Lead has been instrumental in shaping a positive and efficient environment here at Frankel. We know Tabitha will flourish in this new leadership role!

Brittany and Tabitha of Frankel Dentistry

New Tech!

Always Better! Frankel Dentistry is proud to announce the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, the GentleWave system, to enhance our root canal procedures and elevate the overall patient experience. This innovative technology revolutionizes traditional root canal treatments by utilizing advanced fluid dynamics and acoustic energy to thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canal system with remarkable precision. Patients can now benefit from a more comfortable and efficient procedure, as GentleWave minimizes the need for multiple appointments and reduces post-treatment discomfort! Frankel Dentistry is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care, ensuring our patients receive the most advanced and gentle root canal treatments available in modern dentistry.We are also the first office in the state of Ohio to introduce the GentleWave system to patients!

Training for the Gentlewave procedure.

Dr. Dietel and our incredible GentleWave Trainer, Pam.

New Doctors!

We are thrilled to announce one of our newest additions– Dr. Siblini! Dr. Siblini is a Tufts University Dental School graduate and has spent some time at our Maumee office, Frankel & Puhl Dentistry. Intelligent, kind, and dedicated to the best care for his patients, we are so excited to have him caring for our NW Ohio families! Outside of dentistry, Dr. Siblini enjoys staying active and even has a black belt in karate! Please help us welcome Dr. Siblini to our Toledo family!

Mohamad Siblini Frankel Dentistry Toledo Dentist