Teeth whitening

Over time, our teeth naturally stain. Many times, however, the yellowing of teeth can lead to a lack of self-confidence and less willingness to smile, limiting someone’s social and professional possibilities. Fortunately, this condition is reversible with our three different teeth whitening options.

The first option is called Zoom, which is done in office. Zoom is a highly trusted product that contains hydrogen peroxide which when combine with light energy can significantly whiten teeth. The entire process takes about 1-2 hours. We will also give you some additional bleaching trays, allowing you to perform occasional at home touch-ups if needed. Sometimes, our patients experience some mild sensitivity after having this procedure, but it tends to fade quickly.

The second in office option whitens even dark intrinsic discoloration, like tetracycline stain. KÖR Whitening incorporates in office conditioning, at home whitening treatments, and in office whitening. Although it takes anywhere form 6-8 weeks to complete, the results are spectacular.

Finally, we offer our patients the ability to whiten their teeth at home with a custom kit and teeth whitening gel. To use this system, you simply place the gel on the trays and wear them for 10-14 days. Periodically, you should check to make sure you have reached your ideal shade of white.