Jaw pain can be difficult to pinpoint and can be quite disruptive to daily life. Sometimes the jaw pain presents primarily when chewing throughout the day and sometimes it presents in the morning after a night of clenching or grinding teeth. Jaw pain can be localized at the hinge joint of the jaw itself, but can also be felt in the teeth, neck, ears, and head.

Botox can be an effective treatment for many dental issues, and jaw pain often responds well to this safe course of action. The treatment involves a quick series of Botox injections into the muscle area afflicted by discomfort. The Botox treatment will weaken, relax, and smooth wrinkles, which will decrease much of the jaw pain. If lockjaw is occurring with jaw pain, this will be minimized, and teeth grinding and the subsequent issues will be lessened. Eating, chewing, and talking will not be affected, and most patients are very happy with the results.

Treatment is quick, has no recovery time, and results are felt quickly – within a few days after treatment, with some patients feeling some relief in as little as one day. The results are not permanent, and treatment will need to be repeated as your body metabolizes the Botox. However, results do last several months, and the more often treatment is repeated, the longer the relief will last after each visit. The Botox treatment is safe and will dramatically improve your quality of life by improving jaw pain.

If you experience continued jaw pain, Botox might be a great solution and provide some much needed relief. Contact us to learn more.