For decades, x-rays have been used by dentists to see beyond the ability of their natural eyes, searching for problematic areas or imperfections they might have missed. And yes, they have been used to find a great deal of problems which would have otherwise slipped by. But while x-rays were a very important (and, in many cases, quite beneficial) dental tool, they were far from ideal for many reasons.

  • Firstly, they needed to be developed using potentially harmful chemicals.
  • They also needed to be stored, which presented a host of organizational and spatial challenges.
  • Finally, and worst of all, they put patients at risk by exposing them to radiation.

We were obviously unsatisfied with the usage of x-rays and, unwilling to use a system with so many flaws; we searched for a better solution. We found one by embracing digital radiography.

The Benefits of Digital Radiograph

  • When you come in for an x-ray, we’ll begin by placing a tiny sensor in your mouth. This will by used to create a detailed map of your internal oral structures.
  • As soon as it is created it will be available for viewing on a nearby monitor which both you and the dentist will be able to view. Simply because the image is in a computer it is, of course, much more versatile than a standard 2D x-ray scan. We can rotate, magnify, enlarge, adjust the contrast or even color code it. Whatever needs to be done to most accurately ensure your health or identify and clarify any complications we might see.
  • Rather than relying on a large and complex filing system these images are simply stored in the computer’s memory, easy to call up within seconds with no chance of it being lost.
  • Not only is this procedure much easier and more convenient than taking, developing, examining and storing x-rays, it also is much faster, allowing us to diagnose problems or put your worries to rest with much more efficiency. Plus, digital imaging is safer for you, and that’s reason enough for us.

Our use of digital radiography stands as a testament to how much we care about our patients. Discover the benefits of our care today.