General Dentistry

We have long believed that a beautiful smile cannot endure without the health to back it up. To have one, you must have the other. As such, we are proud to offer you the tools to attain both. We can craft you a beautiful smile using our expertise in cosmetic dentistry, but we can make that smile last for a very long time with our emphasis on health and our commitment to general dentistry.

We take great pride in promoting long-term oral health by educating our patients about the most effective methods of keeping their mouths clean and their smiles intact. Not only must a patient maintain proper brushing habits, but they must also attend regular checkups to ensure that all is going as planned. By following these steps and working in unison with Drs. Frankel and Puhl you can ensure a healthy mouth and a fantastic smile for years to come.

Do You Need Help?

No matter what you might need done, we can rise to the challenge. We perform:

We can provide each of these services at both of our fine locations in Toledo and Maumee.

The Process

  • We’ll begin with a thorough evaluation, with your general dentist carefully looking at each tooth and evaluating your bite.
  • Through the careful examination of your teeth and gums it is possible to discover issues which could eventually blossom into worsening problems, like tooth decay and gingivitis (or gum disease).
  • You’ll also receive an oral cancer screening with the assistance of VELscope, as well as an overall periodontal analysis.
  • When all of this has been completed, the dentist will use what he has learned to draft a personalized plan based upon your specific medical needs, you financial standing and other considerations. Together, we’ll work to ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible. That’s our promise.

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