For decades dentists have relied upon x-rays for diagnosis and the planning of treatments. Generally, the format has served them well. However, there are times when the two-dimensional nature of x-ray scans can prove misleading or render results inconclusive. Because we want to provide you with the finest, most accurate care possible we always keep an eye on advancing technologies, looking for the next great breakthrough which can be utilized to improve your experience with us and our practice in general.

One such breakthrough is Galileo cone beam technology, an advanced type of digital radiography which can provide the dentist with a three-dimensional digital image of your entire mouth, even areas that are not commonly visible to the human eye like the structures beneath your teeth and gums. The model even includes teeth roots and internal canals. Cone-Beam Computer Tomography scans take only seconds, limiting your exposure to radiation. There is no doubt that this technology is a great improvement over standard x-rays.

The Advantages of Galileo

  • With Galileo’s precision scans we no longer have to rely on two-dimensional images. As such, we can offer more exact diagnoses and develop plans which are more personalized.
  • Using his technology it is easier to accomplish many tasks including finding an area which is causing the patient pain, planning a root canal, placing dental implants with more precision to reduce trauma and shorten surgery, fitting braces more precisely and pinpointing issues like TMJs (areas which can cause headaches) or bruxism (teeth grinding) before they are allowed to develop into bigger problems.
  • Plus, you won’t even need a referral to a radiology lab to receive this expert care. We have the machine waiting in our office so that every step of your procedure can be completed in house.
  • Using the detailed 3D maps produced by Galileo we can be more exact, more efficient and more deliberate in our care.

Come see what a difference a little technological upgrade can make today.