Sports guard

While playing sports, often times we wear equipment to protect certain parts of our bodies. No matter the sport, it is extremely important to protect your teeth with the appropriate mouth guard.

Mouth guards are comfortable, easy to wear appliances which fit over your teeth, protecting your teeth and mouth from injury.

There are four different kinds of mouth guards available. Ready-made mouth guards are the most cost effective model available. These models are uncomfortable, help in place by your jaw, and make breathing and speaking difficult. The second type of mouth guard available is mouth-formed mouth guards. These guards fit over your teeth but have a disagreeable taste and often lose their flexibility over time. The most common type of mouth guards is the thermoplastic style mouth-formed mouth guard. These guards adhere to the shape of your teeth and maintain great flexibility. To use them, you must first heat them in water, remove them quickly and bite down, allowing the guard to form around your teeth.

Finally, there is the custom made mouth guard, which is handcrafted by the Frankel Dentistry staff. This guard fits your teeth perfectly, and protects them during any of your sport challenges.