We are proud to provide many procedures and surgeries which can positively impact our patients’ lives to such a great degree. But because these procedures are so life changing and have such a great impact on one’s appearance we always strive to allow our patients to be as informed as they possibly can be about the exact nature of the change that will occur as a result of their treatment.

We employ a number of methods in illustrating these changes. 3D models constructed through Galileo cone beam imaging can be a great educational tool, as can the usage of intraoral cameras which, through the usage of a monitor, can allow a patient to see the inside of their own mouth. We also use digital imaging, pictures of your mouth and face which are altered to show the difference a particular procedure will make to the appearance of our patient. All of these tools can help a patient understand the decision they are making and what the results of it will be.

The Advantage of a Wax-Up Model

Aside from all of these great tools, we’ve found that one of the best ways to explain to our patients precisely what will occur as a result of our planed treatment is to use a wax-up model.

  • We begin by doing a detailed examination of your teeth and taking some images. This information is then used to construct an accurate model of your mouth.
  • Unlike a model constructed through digital imaging a wax-up model is a physical representation which you can actually hold in your hands. This offers several advantages over a computer-generated model. For one thing, it allows us to use actual dental items on the model to show our patients almost exactly what their new mouth will look like once their procedure is complete, allowing patients to make more informed decisions regarding their care. If you want us to make any adjustments based upon what you see just tell us and we’ll pass your requests along to the lab.
  • Plus, we can use the wax-up model to test personalized items like prosthetics and veneers to ensure that they’ll fit on your teeth before we try to actually install them. Therefore, these models will not only inform you as to the nature of your procedure but can play an integral role in ensuring its success once your smile makeover plan is actually underway.

We think wax-up models are an incredibly beneficial and important tool. Now you know why.