Tis the season. The season of giving. The season of love. The season of happiness.  The season where we are all overwhelmed and stressed.

It seems like every year there is more to do around the holidays that we are all spread too thin. Although for centuries we have been warned that we shouldn’t be a “Scrooge” during this time of the year, it almost seems inevitable with all the running around we are forced to do to make everyone else smile.

Smile… we are doing all this worrying and creating all this stress  just to see someone smile. Smiles are free! In fact the simple act of smiling can drastically improve one’s mood and immediately reduce stress. How? When you smile, particular muscles in your face begin working. These muscles then stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for creating warm and pleasant feelings, therefore, causing your mood to change.

But smiling also creates a domino effect in others. When you smile at someone who is having a bad day, you may inspire them to return your smile. Because they are now acting out the smile, they too will experience positive stimulation from their brain, improve their mood, and reduce their stress.

This holiday season, take a moment to relieve your stress and  spread the gift of your smile. At Jon Frankel Dentistry, we believe we are changing lives, a smile at a time by helping your smile become beautiful and healthy. Now take that beautiful smile and have it go viral, you never know who may feel the impact of it throughout the day!

Power of a Smile