toledo dentist ginger smiles

Do you have redheads in your family? Frankel Dentistry does!

Dr. Sheldon Frankel had fabulous red hair. His grandchildren referred to him as Papa Red.

As you can imagine we love all our patients at Frankel Dentistry but have a special place in our hearts for our gingers. Emotions aside, there are reasons for special treatment.

As most dentists will tell you, redheads are more difficult to numb often requiring more local anesthetic. It is a genetic thing. Fortunately, they take it into consideration. The gorgeous russet haired folks at Frankel Dentistry need not worry. They know your roots!  Precautions such as using more anesthetic are in place.

Many doctors and healthcare providers have found their redhaired patients have a slightly higher tendency for inflammation of the gums. This may be due to highly vascular tissue. So heads up reds, make sure your visit your dentist regularly and thoroughly brush and floss daily.