You are contemplating veneers. Great! The smile of your dreams is only a few short weeks away. You have already researched your local dentists, and have scheduled a complimentary consultation at Frankel Dentistry to gain more information and begin the process of transforming your smile.

Although veneers have become a common cosmetic procedure, it is important to ask the right questions and have all your concerns addressed before the process begins. Remember that there is no such thing as a bad questions, especially when it comes to your smile makeover. We have noticed, however, that some questions seem to slip our patients mind when they meet us for a consultation. Below are a few common questions that you should remember to ask before you begin the veneers process.

1.) Ask to see previous work carried out by your dentist, allowing you to vividly see the type of work performed by your dentist. When viewing these images, you should be able to tell the complexity and uniqueness of each case. If you are noticing that many of the ending results are exactly the same, you may want to be sure to ask your dentist how he or she can make your smile personalized for you.

At Frankel Dentistry, we have a gallery of smiles. You can tour the office and examine many of Dr. Frankel’s smile transformations that line our walls. We are even able to tell you some personal stories of patients love their veneers, or you can watch them now on youtube.

2.) Ask about hidden costs. Does the quote cover everything? Sometimes dentists may decide to charge you for additional work, giving you unexpected costs. Asking beforehand ensures that you know exactly what you are expected to pay before the process.

At Frankel Dentistry, our financial manager will sit down and discuss all costs of the process. Additionally, there is a small incentive if you pay for the entire process ahead of time, which means no additional costs can be added.

3.) Ask if the work is guaranteed.  If so, be sure to find out how long. Get all of these details in writing. If a veneers breaks within the guaranteed time, are you given a replacement veneer for free? Also, you many want to ask if there are discounts available once the guarantee is up!

4.) Be sure to tell your dentist of any known dental issues or problems; including, sensitivity, grinding, clenching, etc. Ask if these issues will affect whether or not you should have veneers.  It is always advised that people who grind their teeth do not get veneers since they are at a higher risk of damaging their smile.

5.)  Many times a dentist would like to ensure your smile is healthy before completing the veneers process. Therefore, if you have any issues like cavities or gum disease, these problems should be taken care of beforehand. Not correcting these issues will only mask them and could cost you more money in the long run. Be sure to ask your dentist how they plan on addressing other problems with their smile.

At Frankel Dentistry, we believe a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Before we complete the veneers process, we do a thorough exam and take care of all small issues before giving you the smile of your dreams.

6.) If you don’t like needles or have other anxiety problems, especially regarding the dentist, see what other ways they are able to sedate you. Just because you have fears, doesn’t mean that you cannot have a new smile.

Here at Frankel Dentistry, we offer many different options of sedation, including nitrous oxide, a combination of nitrous oxide and medication, as well as IV sedation. If you are choosing one of these more intense options, be sure to discuss all precautions during your consultation.

7.) Be sure to ask how long you need to wait between the temporary and final veneers if you have not been told. There are also some additional care recommendations for the temporary veneers.

These are just a few of the many questions that you should consider before completing a smile makeover. Remember you should be comfortable choosing the right dentist for your needs. The more answers you have, the more comfortable you will be before, during, and after the process.