If the idea of going to the dentist scares you, you’re not alone. Like any phobia, fear of heights or small spaces for example, an irrational fear of dentistry can be an incredibly persuasive hurdle, one which can keep you from receiving the care you need. We understand the legitimacy and power of your concerns, and as such we’ve taken steps to help.

Sometimes, people who are afraid of the dentist simply do not go, a stance which can prove highly problematic for the condition of your teeth and your overall wellness. We attempt to put such potentially damaging or limiting fears to rest through the usage of several methods of sedation dentistry, processes through which patients can be calmed to the extent that they are able to receive dental treatment without fear or apprehension and leave with a healthy mouth.

What Do You Require?

  • For those with milder fear of dentistry, nitrous oxide is usually all that is required. A gas which is ingested through your nose through the use of a mask, nitrous oxide gives you a peaceful, warm feeling for a short time with no lasting side effects.
  • However, if your fears are more intense, we also offer options like “oral conscious sedation”, a process by which nitrous oxide is combined with a previously ingested anti-anxiety medications for a heightened sense of calm.
  • One could also consider IV sedation, wherein medication is injected directly into your bloodstream.

If you choose either of these last two methods, you’ll need to ask someone you trust to drive you home following the completion of the procedure. The side effects will linger for a while after you leave, but they will quickly pass.

Regardless of the option you choose, Drs. Frankel and Puhl will do their absolute best to ensure that you will feel a minimum of stress or apprehension while you are in their care. So don’t let your fears prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Call today or schedule an appointment online and you’ll soon see just what a difference our calming methods can make.

Methods of Sedation Dentistry