We know that for some a visit to the dentist can cause both fear and stress. Dentist-related phobias are quite common. We understand that your concerns are pervasive and hard to shake and that they can even keep you from getting the help you need. This is why we offer several forms of sedition dentistry, a process through which a patient is calmed through the usage of an agent like nitrous oxide or anti-anxiety medication, elements which foster feelings of calm and peace in those who ingest them. This allows dentists to provide you with the care you require while diminishing your fears and apprehensions dramatically. As such, the process becomes much simpler for everyone involved. Together, we can make it so that your fear of dentistry never gets in the way of your care again.

The Power of Oral Conscious Sedation

One popular type of sedition dentistry is called oral conscious sedation. This is a process wherein anti-anxiety medications are used in conjunction with nitrous oxide to inspire in the patient an elevated feeling of relaxation. The process is simple and very comfortable, and it will completely eliminate any fears you might have. You will feel no pain at all at any point.

  • The process will begin with a consultation. We’ll discuss your overall health and your medical history. Also, if possible, we will take a few x-rays and briefly examine your teeth and gums.
  • Armed with this information, we will create a customized plan specific to your needs as to which dental treatments you will require.
  • Before you leave you’ll be given your anti-anxiety medication. Wait until the night before your dental appointment to ingest this pill.
  • When you arrive for your procedure you anxiety level will be gauged. We will provide you with nitrous oxide at this time if necessary, and a team specializing in sedation dentistry will monitor you throughout the process to ensure that our calming agents are working to their full effectiveness.
  • Following your procedure you will need to have a friend or family member drive you home as the effects of the pill will have not yet worn off. All of these effects should be gone by the following day, though it is best to stay under the care of someone you trust until this process is complete.

Using oral conscious sedation, your procedure will feel much shorter than it truly is. Some patients may even fall asleep. You’ll also have very few memories of the visit once you leave. So if you have fears or anxieties concerning the dentist, a high tolerance to local anesthetics, a sensitive gag reflex or heath issues (like neck or back pain) which might make sitting in a dentist’s chair uncomfortable, consider oral conscious sedation. We promise that you’ll be pleased with the results.