You have No Time For Toothaches and cavities are the leading cause of toothaches. Cavities are toothache terrors.

Did you know?

Dental cavities are actual holes in the two outer layers of your tooth (called the enamel and the dentin.) These layers protect the inner tooth tissue (the pulp,) where the blood vessels and nerves are found.

How do you get holes in your teeth? You guessed it…. when you don’t brush and floss as you should! When you ignore proper dental care, bacteria in the mouth begin to convert simple sugars from food into acid. This acid becomes the weapon of the toothache terror. It softens and dissolves your enamel and dentin, creating holes (cavities!)


Large, deep cavities will become irritated by bacterial toxins where food and debris collect causing a painful toothache with the following symptoms:

  • Pain from chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold liquids
  • Distress from sour or sweet foods
  • Food temperature sensitivity

Prevention and Cures:

How to scare away the toothache terror? Brush 2x/day, Floss 1x/day, Visit the dentist 2x/year.

Cavities are easily unnoticed in their early stages. They are very shallow, don’t cause pain, and begin to grow silently. The only way to catch them early is to keep your regularly scheduled dental hygiene appointments. The dentist and hygienist are trained to seek out these little terrors and send them packing with a simple dental filling.

The larger cavity is typically treated with a restorative procedure. An on-lay or even a crown over the entire tooth is the only way to cure the painful symptoms caused by a cavity and prevent the “toothache terror” from wreaking further havoc on your teeth.

For cavities that have penetrated and compromised the pulp, treatment demands either a root canal procedure or, as a last resort, extraction of the affected tooth.

Don’t live in fear of cavities or with the pain of a toothache. Schedule an appointment today.