October is Breast Cancer awareness month. To maintain a health mouth, it’s important to maintain a healthy body. In addition to your routine dental hygiene exams, it’s important to make sure you visit your primary care doctor and perform self exams to help with early detection. Studies have suggested that gum disease may increase your risk of breast cancer. Gum inflammation is not something to be ignored, so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms such as red, tender gums when you floss or brush.
How does breast cancer affect your dental health? If you are undergoing treatment, you may develop complications that affect your mouth such as dry mouth, inflamed gums and even an increase in cavities. If you need dental work done, it’s best to have this completed prior to cancer treatment to minimize a risk for an oral infection which may suppress your immune system. It’s imperative to keep up with your oral health care routine to minimize bacteria buildup.
This month take time to take care of yourself – whether you are in treatment or cancer free.