Owens Community College is transforming healthcare professional education! OCC was founded in 1965, Owens creates accessible education for those in the Lucas, Wood, Hancock, and Ottawa counties. The college offers programs ranging from trade skills to healthcare, with Dental Hygiene and Assistance being among the programs. Throughout the last year Owens Community College has brought Frankel Dentistry three absolutely fabulous hygienist who we and our patients adore. Frankel Dentistry is grateful to work with an institution devoted to the future and success of healthcare providers! Especially in the beautiful world of dentistry! Our practice wanted to make sure dental care students were ready for their semester with some totes for their dental supplies!

Frankel team OCC


Not only does the Frankel Dentistry family want to support Owens students but the Owens Dental Clinic as well. OCC operates a dental clinic September through May open to adults and children for dental services. One of our very own OHASP Dental Hygienist, Amy Saltzstein works with students in the Dental Clinic. This is a great way for students to understand Public Health dentistry and Access to Dental Care. Amy is one of the many terrific Dental Hygienists at Frankel Dentistry and we admire her dedication to service.

Frankel team