clean eating

Have you done your spring cleaning? Is your house fresh and clean? Did you add to the list your pantry and refrigerator? A healthy diet will help support a healthy mouth. If you can take the time to make your own food and snacks, you will gain nutrients and skip on the added sugars and fats. Most processed, packaged foods are packed with unwanted additives and sugars.

Here are a few of our favorite swaps:

  • Trade deep fried chips for whole grain popcorn
  • Ditch bottled salad dressing and try to make your own
  • Instead of ketchup or ranch as a dipping sauce, try hummus
  • Avoid the drive-through when you need a fast meal and plan a crock-pot vegetable stew
  • Trade boxed macaronic and cheese for homemade wholegrain pasta and low-fat cheese
  • Instead of sugary popsicles, try homemade popsicles made with yogurt or real fruit juice
  • Ditch the sugar soda for some water with a slice of lemon for a refreshing drink