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With a calming spa-like atmosphere and friendly-staff, our practice is second to none in the Toledo area.

Meet Dr. Jon Frankel

Toledo Dentist Dr Frankel

Dr. Frankel was inspired by his father, an innovative man who grew up playing handball, tennis, and stickball on the streets of New York and moved to Toledo after completing his degree in dentistry from the Ohio State University after World War II. In 1992, upon graduation with a doctoral of dentistry science (DDS) also from the Ohio State University, Dr. Frankel joined his father in private practice, where his father continued to inspire him by instilling in him a passion for the latest technologies in the field. Today, Frankel Dentistry is one of the best dental practices in the Toledo area, offering the latest technology and advancements in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry as well as aesthetic dentistry.

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While Dr. Frankel spends a majority of his time dedicating his life to his practice and the well-being of his patients, he is also a dedicated father and husband. During his weekends he enjoys spending time with his family. In fact, he takes much pride in his kids and his wife, Nikki, who is an ER nurse at Toledo Hospital.

When younger, Dr. Frankel was an excellent tennis player, achieving a Western Ranking for junior tennis. Although he still plays tennis, in his spare time, Dr. Frankel is an avid golfer who has a handicap of 8. He also enjoys supporting local based sporting teams including the Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Pistons; the Cleveland Browns; and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Dr. Frankel is proud of his local, Toledo roots and thankful for the opportunities given to him by his father. Since taking over for his father over 20 years ago, Dr. Frankel and his staff have been dedicated to giving the people of the Toledo area customized care; a warm, friendly environment; and unique, unbelievable smiles that last a lifetime. These are all qualities and traditions started by his father and what continue to make Dr. Frankel and his practice one of Toledo's finest.

Meet Dr. Amber Puhl

Dr. Puhl

When asked why she decided to study dentistry, Dr. Amber Puhl answers very simply, "There is nothing better than helping people in your community get a healthy smile."

Raised in Delta, Ohio, Dr. Puhl received her bachelors of science degree from the University of Dayton, majoring in biology. After graduating, she attended dental school at the Ohio State University and graduated in 2006.

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While completing her degree, Dr. Puhl knew that it was important for her to return home, to Northwest Ohio, because her family as well as her husband's family was in the area. Before she graduated she came into contact with Dr. Frankel and was hired as an associate dentist.

Immediately, Dr. Puhl loved the philosophy of Dr. Frankel's practice. She looked up to him and admired the quality of care Frankel Dentistry provided for their patients. Therefore, in 2008 she decided to become a long-term partner with Dr. Frankel and bought into the practice, creating Frankel and Puhl Dentistry in Maumee.

Family has always been one of Dr. Puhl's priorities. In her spare time she is busy chasing around her young twins and spending time with her husband and family. She also enjoys running, and gardening.

However, at work, Dr. Puhl also considers her patients part of her extended family. The relaxed, comfortable feel of the office is sure to make any patient feel at home.

The Frankel Dentistry Team

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Dr. Shannon Keiser

Dr. Shannon Keiser

Midwestern Values

Moving to the Midwest, one notices the casual, laid-back friendliness and honesty. Dr. Shannon Keiser is Nebraska born, Michigan raised. She moved to Ohio following the completion of her doctorate at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. She is thoroughly Midwestern and we couldn't be happier to have her at Frankel Dentistry.

It won't surprise you, Dr. Keiser loves spending quality time with family. She was married in 2015. Her family is expanding with the arrival of baby Owen in September 2016. Along with a love for family, she enjoys to learn new technologies, while exploring new and innovative ideas and advancements. Once again, Dr. Keiser is obviously a perfect addition to Frankel Dentistry. We share the same values.

Dr. Keiser always knew she wanted to be a dentist and thoroughly enjoys helping people. Thirteen years prior to dental school she held positions as a dental assistant, a dental assistant consultant and in dental research.

Living a faith based life we know Dr. Keiser will soon realize; she is already home at Frankel Dentistry.

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Dr. Jason DiTerlizzi

Local is better.

Frankel Dentistry welcomes back Jason DiTerlizzi. You may remember him as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist. He has been on a 4 year hiatus. He was busy studying dentistry at the University of Michigan Dental School where he excelled not only in clinical skills but in his chair side manner as well. We couldn't be happier to have him back.

Deeply rooted in Toledo, Dr. D's family members are small business owners. For over 60 years they have owned and operated Pasquale and Sons Shoe Repair. While at Frankel Dentistry, which was founded in 1946, it was obvious he is a standout in building relationships and giving back to his community.

It didn't take long to realize dentistry is more than a career, it is his passion. Specifically, he enjoys patients. He values caring for their dental health while promoting overall health. Also, he likes getting to know them personally and as part of a dental family. He enjoys caring for hesitant and anxious patients. Dr. D's patients don't remain anxious long. Before they know it they are looking forward to visits.

By the way, it is obvious staff love Dr. DiTerlizzi. In 2013 he married hygienist, scheduling and financial coordinator Patti Begin's beautiful daughter Brittany. Dr. and Mrs. D look forward to starting a family soon. Baby D will surely be an avid Toledo and Detroit sports fan.

Welcome Dr. DiTerlizzi back. He is living proof; You'll do Better in Toledo!

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Dr. Dan Green

Technology meets Technique

Saginaw, Michigan generously shares the best it has to offer. From timber to Stevie Wonder, it may seem humble but this mid-Michigan city is a resource for the finest. We feel fortunate Dan Green found his way to the Toledo area. It is definitely Saginaw’s loss.

Dr. Green has a strong engineering and design background. Initially an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering his desire to help others drew him into studies in biomedical sciences. Although a transplant he has Toledo area roots. He worked at Champion Spark Plug while a student. Dentistry was a natural fit for his innate talents. Dan Green, D.D.S. is a graduate of University of Michigan Dental School.

While in dental school, it became clear to Dr. Green working with patients hands on while utilizing the constantly changing technology is what he loves to do. Oral Surgery, Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry are of particular interest. He received the Dental Implant Student Award from the American Association Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He excels at what he enjoys!

Dr. Green has been married for three years. He and his wife recently moved to Dundee, Michigan. His wife shares his interests and is currently working toward her doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology at the U of M.

In his spare time, you will find him exercising, woodworking, exploring his automotive interests or watching movies.

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Dr. Terence Cooper

Dr. Terrance Cooper

It just keeps getting better.

Bringing the best from Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Bradenton, Florida we are fortunate to have Dr. Terence Cooper at Frankel Dentistry.

Dr. Cooper grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, home of the first dental school and the National Museum of Dentistry. Becoming a dentist was a natural choice. As a middle child of five siblings, he is in the unique position of being both the youngest sibling and oldest sibling to his brothers and sisters. His undergraduate major is in Sports Medicine. Dr. Cooper really likes sports but it doesn't stop there. He was equally fascinated with how the body works. He honed these interests specializing in how exercise effects performance and recovery from injury.

Dr. Cooper is not the only doctor at home. His wife, Dr. Monique Hart, recently graduated from LECOM School of Pharmacy. They met while undergraduates at Howard University and have been married for three years. She is originally from Aurora, Colorado.

Dentistry is perfect fit for Dr. Cooper from his place of birth to his innate abilities. He loves the interaction with his patients, the multiple dimensions of dentistry and the joy of changing a person's life.

The Midwest just felt right to Dr. Cooper. His last year of dental school was at an outreach clinic in Erie, Pennsylvania. He visited surrounding states and enjoyed Ohio. He feels Ohio is a great fit for his family. We agree.

Athlete, Sports Medicine enthusiast and Dentist, we know he is great addition to Frankel Dentistry.

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Dr. Andrew Smith

Dr. Andrew Smith

Michigander chooses Ohio to join Frankel Dentistry.

Dr. Andrew Smith grew up in Portage, Michigan. He kept his Midwestern roots by studying at Michigan State for his undergraduate degree and continuing at University of Michigan for Dental School. Game-time you'll find him cheering on the Spartans but his major focus is dentistry. Literally surrounded by dentists, dentistry is his passion. Girlfriend, Stephanie, her sister, Melissa and brother-in-law, Paul are all dentists. One can only imagine family gatherings, a meeting of the minds where the future of dentistry begins!

Relationships are important to Dr. Smith. Early on he knew he was destined to a career in healthcare but looked for a field that offered lifelong patients. He loves doing detailed work with his hands and helping those he considers family. Caring for our Frankel Dental family is the perfect fit.

When not immersed in dentistry, he likes to exercise, hike and enjoy movies. He lives just up north in Ann Arbor. Watch out while he makes the daily commute, his only pet peeve is people driving slow in the passing lane. His pet love is Archie, a one year old Norwegian Elkhound. We are fortunate he has joined our dental family. Michigan's loss is Ohio's gain.

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Dr. Gemma Hill

Dr. Andrew Smith

West Meets East and Stays!

Gemma Hill, DDS is a Californian with a love for the Midwest. An only child with tons of cousins and friends that seem like family, Dr. Hill has all the adaptability and relationship skills of someone from a big family.

She has inherited the perfect skill set for dentistry, her mother is a second grade teacher and her father is an engineer and computer programmer/database manager. Holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Anatomy from California Polytechnic State University, Master of Arts degree from Boston University in Medical Science with a focus on Oral Health Science and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from University of Michigan she blends a strong academic foundation with her innate interpersonal acumen. This Orange County dentist has it all!

A pet lover, Dr. Hill enjoys being welcomed home each evening by Agnes, her year old yorkiepoo. She considers exercise an integral part of her lifestyle realizing a healthy body helps keep a clear mind. Currently you will find her honing those amazing mental skills with spin and kickboxing. An adventurer at heart, Dr. Hill enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, exploring new places and discovering new restaurants. Her exploits are not limited to outside of her home, she likes cooking and tries a least one new recipe a month. Watching reality TV is her guilty pleasure (she is from Orange County).

She loves dentistry. It gives her the chance to positively impact patients’ health and well-being. Dr. Hill sees dentistry as a special form of healthcare because she gets to know her patients and see them on a regular basis. She appreciates the opportunity to learn and develop new skills every day. Dentistry is the best combination of art and science.

If you asked her ten years ago where she'd end up, it would never in her wildest dreams have been the Midwest, then she started dental school in Michigan. She fell in love with the area and decided to stay after graduation.

An eternally optimistic person, Dr. Hill finds at least one thing to make herself happy every day. She lives in the moment and does not worry about things she cannot control. She embraces the unknowns of life and celebrates a life that is full of surprises.

By the way, as lovely as she is, please do not chew loudly or cough and sneeze without covering your mouth. She may just lose her California cool!

We feel fortunate to have our own Orange County star at Frankel Dentistry and know you will as well.

Patient Testimonials

I'm very grateful. I came here today, I've had years of dental problems. I came in on an emergency. Just the way they were so gentle and helpful with this procedure is greatly appreciated and I thank you.


Very professional, positive experience having my teeth cleaned. From the friendly greeting by the receptionist, to the assistant who escorted me to my room, to the hygienist who cleaned my teeth--and the final check-in by Dr. Frankel, I felt well treated and in great hands.

Patrice K.

Excellent as always. My wife & I have been going to Frankel's since the late '60's, and have no plans to change.

Richard McCarthy

Thanks to the amazing staff who did an Awesome job at making my 5 yr olds first experience with a filling a positive one. The first thing she said when she was finished was "everyone is so nice."

Cara Elis

Everyone at the office was smiling, respectful and very nice. They called you by your first name and shook your hand. I highly recommend Dr. Frankel and his staff.


There is no doubt in my mind that Frankel Dentistry sets the standard for quality and courteous dental care. I have not yet been disappointed by the care I have received in any of my visits.

Robert Wagner
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