People grind their teeth for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they're awake (and typically stressed) and sometimes they're asleep, but regardless the practice is almost always an unconscious one. But the unconscious tooth action often doesn't stop there.

Do you bite pencils, your lips, the insides of your cheeks and/or your fingernails? If so, you might have bruxism, an ailment suffered by as many as 1/3 of the population which can lead to serious dental problems like misaligned teeth, as well as contribute to your level of anxiety or stress and to your posture and diet. The ailment can even prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. In other words, it is a problem which can radically alter your life, and you probably wouldn't even realize the truth if you had it since so much of its behaviors is unconscious.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue: nightguards.

How Does One Get a Pair of Nightguards?

  • The first step is to visit one of our offices in Toledo or Maumee.
  • You'll be thoroughly evaluated to determine whether or not you do in fact have bruxism. If so, we'll construct a handmade nightguard, a device you can wear to combat the wear and tear associated with grinding teeth.
  • We'll keep trying until we find the shape and style that's perfect for your mouth. Plus, if it's too late to keep your teeth from sustaining damage our team has the capabilities to restore them to their former appearance.

Are Nightguards the Correct Solution?

Nightguards aren't always the answer when it comes to bruxism. Other methods that might prove helpful include stress/anxiety management, facial massages, the application of ice or wet heat, additional rest, the consumption of softer foods or increased hydration. You'll have to find the method that works best for you. Regardless, its worth giving nightguards a try. They can provide a great deal of help in many cases, and even if they don't work out you'll at least know about and be better educated concerning your affliction. After all, your health is our top priority.

Patient Testimonials

I'm very grateful. I came here today, I've had years of dental problems. I came in on an emergency. Just the way they were so gentle and helpful with this procedure is greatly appreciated and I thank you.


Very professional, positive experience having my teeth cleaned. From the friendly greeting by the receptionist, to the assistant who escorted me to my room, to the hygienist who cleaned my teeth--and the final check-in by Dr. Frankel, I felt well treated and in great hands.

Patrice K.

Excellent as always. My wife & I have been going to Frankel's since the late '60's, and have no plans to change.

Richard McCarthy

Thanks to the amazing staff who did an Awesome job at making my 5 yr olds first experience with a filling a positive one. The first thing she said when she was finished was "everyone is so nice."

Cara Elis

Everyone at the office was smiling, respectful and very nice. They called you by your first name and shook your hand. I highly recommend Dr. Frankel and his staff.


There is no doubt in my mind that Frankel Dentistry sets the standard for quality and courteous dental care. I have not yet been disappointed by the care I have received in any of my visits.

Robert Wagner
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