Close up side view of young positive woman is putting chewing gum into her mouth. Fresh breath concept. Isolated on dark background
August 6 is National Fresh Breath Day. Avoid the garlic and onions today and reach for something minty and fresh! Fresh breath can make your teeth feel clean and your mouth healthy. Bad breath, or halitosis, is a common compliant among patients, but can be reserved. Talk to your dental team at your next visit to make sure you do not have an underlying issue for bad breath such as, gum disease or tooth decay.
Here are 5 tips for achieving fresh breath:
  1. Avoid tobacco – if you are a tobacco user, now is the time to quit.
  2. Try a mouth wash after you brush and floss
  3. Drink water – water will help wash about unwanted bacteria in your mouth
  4. Clean your tongue – try using a tongue scrapper to remove plaque and bacteria
  5. Limit coffee consumption – try a different beverage such a green tea.