If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea you may think your only option is to endure the inconvenience and discomfort of a CPAP mask. Fortunately, there is the less troublesome option of using an oral appliance. You may have seen similar appliances advertised for sale but these are not effective, it’s important that you find a Dentist in Maumee, OH who specializes in fitting these appliances as they require to be specially made to conform to the individual contours of your mouth.

How Oral Appliances Work
The appliance looks a lot like a mouth guard worn by a professional athlete. It is shaped in such a way as to push your lower jaw slightly forward which prevents your tongue from obstructing the airway when you sleep. It also prevents the airway from vibrating. You and certainly anyone else in the house will notice your snoring has stopped or at least become a lot milder.

What Are the Side Effects?
A good Dentist will be able to custom make the appliance to fit perfectly with the contours of your mouth; however a few people may feel a slight amount of discomfort when first using the appliance, this will usually pass in time. Saliva may also build up in your mouth but again with repeated use this is likely to lessen. Of course you should regularly visit the dentist to make sure no problems with your bite or the joints in your jaw develop. Although problems are rare it is always a good idea to keep an eye on things so they can be corrected before they develop into problems.

How to Obtain Your Appliance
Your first step is to have your Doctor refer you to a sleep specialist, they should be able to diagnose the severity of your sleep apnea and recommend the best course of treatment. Diagnosis involves them conducting a sleep study which will involve you staying overnight at a clinic. After the study you will have a follow up appointment with your sleep specialist who will then recommend the various treatment options. At this point you can discuss the use of an appliance and the specialist should be able to recommend a Dentist in Maumee OH who specializes in this type of treatment.

Benefits of using an Appliance in Maumee, OH

• Easy to set up – Unlike a CPAP machine there is no need to have to connect it to the electricity and find a suitable place beside your bed for its location.
• Easy to clean – With a CPAP there are tubes and masks that constantly need to be cleaned this can be awkward and time-consuming. The appliance can easily be cleaned using water, a toothbrush and some standard toothpaste that does not contain a whitening agent.
• Highly portable – Anyone that has ever had to check a CPAP machine through airport security will appreciate this. It’s one less bulky item to have to carry around with you on trips, the sense of freedom this brings should not be underestimated.