Holiday Treats that are Sweet for your Teeth Jon Frankel Dentistry


Sugar and spice is not always nice…when it comes to the health of your teeth. During the holiday months, people tend to over indulge on sweet treats which may do more harm to your teeth. To start a new tradition, try some of these ideas!

1) Research low-sugar recipes or recipes that include subsitutes for sugar. Try some of these! 

2) Give baskets of fruit and nuts – nuts are a great source of protein!

3) Start a holiday baking contest – who can bake the best banana bread with the least amount of sugar! Get creative!

4) Beware of sugar in beverages – opt for water instead of the sugary punch.

5) Candy canes are in season, but remind young children (and yourself) that they are not for crunching – crunching on hard candies may put you at risk to chip or break a tooth.

6) If you are baking, make your cookies/bars in smaller portions. Small portions always people to just enjoy a small taste vs. consuming a large portion.

If you do enjoy your holiday sweets, please do so in moderation. Set a reasonable limit for yourself and don’t forget to brush your teeth that night!