New quarterly projects means new fun, fresh photoshoots! This Saturday team members from both Frankel and Puhl Dentistry and Frankel Dentistry joined us for a promotional shoot. Brenda Winchester Photography welcomed us into her studio and we spent the morning with our Maumee team. Part of our goal is to show our community how close our practices have brought us together. Our Maumee team began to express how it was easy to show their friendship because they truly are best friends. We are grateful to be surrounded by healthcare providers and staff who enjoy spending time with one another. Our hygienist team leaders we’re kind enough to also shoot hygienist inspired material! Working on projects with your friends is inspiring and helps encourage creativity. It was great to spend time with our beautiful team from Maumee.

As the afternoon rolled around, Team Toledo began to show up one by one. Our Toledo team was kind enough to come to the studio after they spent their morning in the office with Saturday patients. Nonetheless they came in with high spirits and ready for their close ups! Our practices have been the source of dozens of friendships throughout the years. No matter the department, our staff and healthcare providers seem to build lasting relationships with each other. This time around our Toledo team spent most of the time focusing on team and group photos. We are excited to see the final photos and start working on our new content.