Fluoride is an important naturally occurring element that can actually rematerialize damaged enamel. Starting back in 1945, in an effort to affect nationwide tooth health fluoride was added to almost all municipal drinking water. This was (and is today) the best, most cost-effective way to get it distributed to as many people. Surprisingly, in our ever-modernizing culture, people are beginning to suffer from a lack of fluoride once again. Why? Because of bottled water! Although convenient, unlike your municipally provided tap water, bottled water does not contain fluoride. This is a major disservice to your teeth! There is good news, however, at Frankel Dentistry we offer highly effective fluoride mouth rinses in a variety of flavors. All it takes to improve your chances of keeping healthy teeth is one quick application at your six month checkup.

Professionally-applied fluorides are in the form of a gel or rinse, and are applied by your dental hygienist during your regular dental visits. These fluorides are more concentrated than the self-applied fluorides, and therefore are not needed as frequently; your dental checkup is the perfect time to get it applied. Here at Frankel Dentistry, we only use the professional strength, tray-applied gels carrying the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Additionally, our hygienists can fill you in on additional ways to keep your fluoride levels high in between visits, and Dr. Frankel can also offer you supplemental fluoride for you to use at home, if necessary. Dietary fluoride supplements (tablets, drops or lozenges) are available only by prescription and are intended for use by children ages six months to 16 years living in non-fluoridated areas and at high risk of developing tooth decay.

No matter how you get the fluoride you need—whether it is through your own drinking water at home, toothpaste, mouth rinse professionally applied fluoride, or fluoride supplements, —you can be confident that fluoride is silently at work fighting decay. It is safe, convenient, and effective however you add it, and fluoride fits naturally into any dental care program. For more information about the oral health benefits of fluoride, just ask your dental professional at Frankel Dentistry.