A Dr. Frankel Dental Insurance Benefits Specialist Can Help Explain Your Dental Benefits

Your Frankel Dentistry Personal Dental Insurance Verification Specialist has 6 Tips to help you make the best use of your coverage.

#1.  Know your enrollment period.

Dental coverage enrollment periods are usually in the fall but not always. Ask your employer so you don’t miss out.


#2.  Explore plan options with your Human Resources Department.

There are often a variety of plan options. Select the plan that best meets your needs.


#3.  Find out your benefit period dates.

Many plans reset in January but not all. Plans may renew in March, June, or another month.


#4. Prioritize your dental treatment.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to review your treatment plan. Prioritize your treatment for optimal dental health and best use of your insurance benefits.


#5. Let the Frankel Dentistry Specialist do an insurance benefits check for you each year.

Whether your plan renews in January or another month let your Frankel Dentistry Benefits Verification Specialist check your plan annually. Many times, even though your coverage is with the same carrier benefits change.


#6. Schedule your appointments early in your insurance year.

Your healthy mouth is our top priority. Schedule early in your benefits year to complete treatment and use your hard-earned coverage.