The comfort and satisfaction of our patients is one of our foremost concerns. As such, we were unhappy with the typical methods of administering anesthesia. Our concern stemmed from several aspects of said procedure:

  • Sometimes when anesthesia is administered by traditional means it can cause patients a good deal of pain. This is due to the fact that until it dissipates and begins to spread through the bloodstream the anesthesia is concentrated in a very small area. This can cause pressure to build up, causing discomfort.
  • Also, pain can also develop as the result of anesthesia which is administered too quickly.
  • Finally, too much anesthesia can numb more tissues than intended, leaving patients drooling, unable to properly use their mouths following their appointments.

We saw all of these problems and simply decided we had to do better for our patients. Luckily, we were able to find The Wand.

The Advantages of the Wand

  • It begins by administering a drop of a topical numbing agent to the injection site, allowing the patient to feel as little discomfort as possible while the anesthesia is being injected.
  • Not only does the Wand provide more comfort than the more standard syringe but it is also far less open to human error.
  • In fact, thanks to CompuDent it is essentially impossible for the Wand to make an error of any kind. No more will you leave the dentist’s office a drooling mess or have to endure pain while you wait for the anesthesia to take effect.
  • If you’re squeamish about syringes don’t worry, as The Wand doesn’t look (or feel) like one at all.

We’re so happy to have found The Wand. You’ll be glad we did as well when you see it in action.