Caregivers: Dental Health

November is National Caregivers Month. We think they should be celebrated year-round. The effort, skill, and caring of those in charge of individuals with health challenges is something our Frankel Dentistry family appreciate.

Dental Care

Dental care is vital to both those in care and those caring. Brushing and flossing promote a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. We have found electric toothbrushes are helpful for those unable to brush. There are videos available on the American Dental Association website outlining flossing techniques. Dental re-care visits may be best scheduled every three months.

Caregivers need to take time for themselves as well. Family members provide 90% of long-term care in America. (The National Academy of Medicine)   Caregivers may feel isolated and alone. You are not alone and are certainly appreciated.

Take time for clarity breaks. Talk to a friend. Take a walk. Schedule medical and dental appointments for yourself.  You deserve it.

Thanks for all you do.