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  1. Patients and staff alike celebrate decades with a Toledo, Ohio dental office. How is it possible when it is well known that one of man’s greatest fears is the dentist? The doctors, healthcare providers, staff, and patients at Frankel Dentistry create the best dental experience. The positivity is as blinding as the beautiful healthy smiles. Kenyetta Lee, 20 plus year dental family member revealed… Read More

  1. Read this Patient Review. March 12, 2021 “I always leave feeling good and always enjoy the people there….they make u feel as if they really care about u and your wellbeing….always nice…..always smiling and they are always on their A+ game!!!” –K.L Find the Job of Your Dreams! This is the type of feedback we receive at Frankel Dentistry. There are opportunities available to… Read More

  1. We asked the staff, “Why do you think Frankel Dentistry has won the Toledo City Paper’s Best of Toledo award for 11 years consecutively?” We are truly family. We have cared for the healthy smiles of many patients for over 40 and 50 years. I started coming as a small child and am now enrolled in the Dental Career Academy to become a dental… Read More

  1. The pandemic has kept many inside long enough to dust off the old Honey-Do list. Attics and basements are being purged. Leaky faucets are dripless. Hardware stores are reaching record-breaking traffic. The new masked superhero is a repairman, electrician, or plumber. The DIY homeowners are even impressing themselves. Hearth and home are receiving much-needed attention. Why stop there? Dental offices have stayed open throughout… Read More

  1. Toothaches, such a mystery! Teeth are an enigma. They are alive on the inside and inert on the outside. A tooth is like a hard calcified shell filled with blood-pumping veins and alert nerves. It can go for years without giving notice of any issue then almost over night send out a clear signal that something is wrong. When a tooth gives notice you… Read More

  1. The doctors, healthcare providers, and staff at Frankel Dentistry hear it every day, “Why didn’t I come sooner!” Do you have tooth pain but are afraid to find out what is wrong?

  1. Keeping you safe is a top priority at Frankel Dentistry. When you arrive in the parking lot for your appointment, call us at 419-474-9611. Stay in your warm car until we call you back letting you know it is time to enter the office. Wear your mask when entering the office. You will be greeted in the foyer. Your temperature will be taken and we… Read More

  1. When is a job not just a job but a career? How does a career become a life’s passion? The doctors, healthcare providers, and staff at Frankel Dentistry know the answer to these questions. The fusion of innate abilities, skill, training, and passion integrate their work life and home life. A Career In Dentistry Rocks These professionals know their vocation is important. A healthy… Read More

  1. Most people know that less than ideal toothbrushing and sweets lead to tooth decay. When missed by flossing and toothbrushing, colonies of bacteria hug on to every tooth surface. Those nasty, acid-producing bugs thrive on sugar or carbohydrate-heavy foods. 

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