a set of teeth used by dentists for demonstration

Tap. Tap. Tap. How do your teeth come together?

There are three keys to a healthy occlusion or dental bite.

One – Touch

The back teeth on both sides of your mouth left and right, should touch. They should also touch evenly.


Two – The Slide

When sliding your teeth forward and to the side, the back teeth should not touch. The canines and front teeth act as guides and stops.


Three – Chewing

Chewing properly should allow the bottom jaw to go up down and sideways without knocking into to the top teeth.

There are seven indications your bite is off.

  • Sensitivity, teeth that ache
  • Chipping, a divot at the gumline
  • Wear, making your teeth flat and short
  • Fractures, cracked or broken teeth
  • Mobility, wiggly teeth
  • Muscle Pain, your face hurts
  • Jaw Joint Pain, may be hard to open your mouth or it feels like its stuck

A proper occlusion makes you feel better. Your sleep improves. You eat better. It is like removing an annoying pebble from inside your shoe. You don’t realize how much it bothered you until it is gone.

For detailed information check this article or call for an appointment. https://www.dentistrytoday.com/occlusion/3807-the-three-golden-rules-of-occlusion