It is well known that Frankel Dentistry values patients. The commitment to offer the Best Dental Experience is shared with patients and staff alike. We had help from Ken Kaminski and his team from Culture Shock, who was instrumental in manifesting our always better initiatives.

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The Best Dental Experience at Frankel Dentistry has a life of its own. How is that possible? It is a system. It is documented and replicable. That may make it appear to be static, but it is vibrant and ever-changing.

Weekly meetings to celebrate successes and discuss issues keep the Frankel Dentistry Dental Experience alive. Change is welcome. Mirroring the always better philosophy initiated by Dr. Sheldon Frankel in 1946, the best dental experience has only one mission, to get better!

Recently the COVID-19 pandemic brought numerous changes to the Frankel Dental Experience.

Patient feedback reflects the best dental experience.

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“Awesome service even during COVID-19. Great experience from car to exit.”
Stephen L.

“I was really impressed with the caution they took to make certain everything was sanitary and precautionary do to the COVID 19 crisis. My Dental Hygienist and Dentist were very thorough, and I really appreciated their professionalism. “
7.10. 2020

It is nice to know there is a dental practice that cares for more than just your smile. You can see why they are changing lives a smile at a time.