Bad Breath - How Can You Prevent it?

October 6th is National Garlic Day. Frankel Dentistry appreciates the health benefits of garlic but it brings to mind a problem, offensive breath.

What causes bad breath and what can you do to prevent it?

Stinky And Smelly Breath

There are a variety of causes for bad breath. Foods, smoking and oral tobacco are easy to understand. Postnasal drip from allergies or a sinus infection can be the source of an odor. Other medical conditions such as acid reflux, diabetes, liver or kidney disease can be detected by one’s breath.

Bacteria are often the culprit. There are many types of foul breath inducing bacteria naturally found in the mouth. Bacteria feed on the food remaining in your mouth. The waste left behind smells!

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth leads to bad breath. Keeping the mouth moist can help. The saliva helps keep bacteria in balance and breath fresh.

Quick and Easy Fixes

Pleasant breath can be as easy as brushing, flossing and scraping your tongue.

Mouthwash is a quick but not a long-lasting fix.

Step up the home care. Your family and friends will appreciate the sweet change.