The dentists’ in Toledo OH can help their patient’s to alleviate the sleep disrupting condition of snoring. The snorer is not getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is the body’s time to rest from an emotionally charged and busy day. The patient informed his dentist that he is a snorer and can be heard through the upstairs hallway’s when he is sleeping. The Toledo OH dentist is equipped with extensive knowledge about the causes of snoring. He will advise the patient to make an appointment with his primary care doctor. The dentists’ in Toledo OH are aware the snorer may have hidden medical problems.

The Common Causes of Snoring
* The tonsils and adenoids could be swollen or enlarged
* Suffering from a chronic sinus condition
* The soft tissues will relax and block the airway in the back of the throat
* The soft palate and the back of the tongue relax in the back of the throat
* Sleeping in positions that inhibit taking a normal breath
* Having a large neck because of excess weight
* Sleeping aids and muscle relaxers
* Drinking alcohol close to bedtime

The Benefits of having an Appointment with the Dentist
1. The patient can be fitted with a mouth piece to open the airway
2. The tongue and the lower jaw will no longer obstruct the airway
3. This is a non-surgical procedure
4. The airway will be cleared
5. The patient will sleep through the night

Have You Been Checked for Sleep Apnea?
Sleep Apnea is a dangerous medical condition. Inhaling shallow breaths while sleeping and stop breathing for a few seconds, often wakes the person. This action may happen as much as forty times per night. Anyone can have one of the three types of Sleep Apnea or two of them at the same time. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA, Central Sleep Apnea or CSA and Mixed Sleep Apnea or MSA are real medical conditions.
The primary doctor can tell the patient about making an appointment with an Apnea Sleep Center.
Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that blocks the oxygen to the brain and the body. Having a broken sleep pattern throughout the night causes people to become cranky, irritable, impatient with others, fatigued and makes some people, just really mean. Operating a vehicle without a good night’s sleep increases the accidents on the road.

Sleep Apnea can cause life threatening health problems;
* Depression
* Headaches
* Heart attacks, heart failure and a irregular heart beat
* Hypertension
* Lack of oxygen to the brain and the body
* Diabetes

The doctor will discuss the results from the sleep examination the patient participated. He will tell the patient what type of Sleep Apnea he has and how it will be treated.
The CPAP machine is a light weight apparatus that is small and silent.

This machine allows the person to:
1. Breathe easily during the night
2. The air pressure is increased to prevent the collapse of the airway
3. The brain and the body have received the oxygen it needs to function
4. The machine is portable for easy transport
5. Waking up after a good night’s sleep enables a person to control their emotions and have a productive day

Follow the dentists’ advice and make an appointment for a thorough examine. If the diagnosis is Sleep Apnea, there is a way to treat the malady and enjoy a normal life.