Has cupid left you with too many treats? Are you trying to hold true to your new year’s resolutions and eat healthier? Not only is reducing your sugar intake good for your teeth, but it also impacts your whole body.
Here are 8 days to reduce your sugar cravings:
  1. Eat a breakfast high in protein
  2. Try to never go hungry – do not skip meals and supplement with healthy snacks
  3. Be aware of secret sugars such as the sugars in ketchup and pastas – it’s important to read food labels
  4. Exercise — the move you move, the more you won’t think about sugar
  5. Find healthier rewards — instead of rewarding your family with an ice cream trip, opt for non-food rewards like a trip to the park or movies.
  6. Drink water and stay hydrated — dehydration can spike sugar cravings
  7. Target your sugar pitfalls — can’t say no to the candy at the grocery checkout? Try to pick a store that doesn’t offer candy at checkout or read a magazine while waiting in line.
  8. Try to figure out what’s the cause of your craving… before you reach for that cookie say this “Why am I reaching for this”. Stop and slow down to you don’t make a deacon you regret.