Happy Twenty Twenty-Tooth!

The new year is here and our team is back in the office changing lives a smile at a time! As we prepare to take on the year ahead, we like to come back to where it all started with our core values. Always Better, Serve All, and G.E.T, gratitude, encouragement, and thankfulness.

Frankel core values

After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to make a slight change. Thankfulness is now trust.

Frankel Dentistry is built on trust. Patients’ trust in us and our trust in one another.

Our last 75 years of dedication to the Toledo and Maumee community would not be possible without patients’ belief in us. Studies have shown trust in healthcare providers is linked to improved patient experience and health outcomes. Ultimately we are here to create the best dental care experience for everyone who walks into our office. When it comes to teamwork, trust often provides greater successes and growth both personally and professionally. Our practice is grateful to work with healthcare providers, doctors, and staff who make us feel encouraged and trusted.

Frankel Dentistry is looking forward to 2022 being filled with gratitude, encouragement, and trust.

Thank you Toledo for placing your trust in us.