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  1. Toledo is more than a great town. It is a town that supports small businesses. Dr. Sheldon Frankel opened the doors to Frankel Dentistry in 1946 knowing this was going to be home. Originally from Manhattan, New York, Dr. Frankel graduated from Ohio State Dental school and settled in with his wife, Toledo native, Ervine Frankel, a beautiful, Toledo Hospital trained registered nurse.

    The Frankels grew their family and dental practice. Eldest daughter, Karen, became a dental hygienist graduating from the four year Ohio State Dental School program. Youngest son Jonathan graduated from Ohio State Dental School in 1996 and joined Frankel Dentistry with his father’s same always better attitude.

    This is a small business that serves all by giving back twice a year with Free Dentistry and paying it forward by buying back Halloween candy and sending it to local troops. They have defined the best dental experience and continue to perfect it through high tech dentistry and continuous education for all staff from doctors to assistants to call center specialists and insurance verification employees. Frankel Dentistry wants to change lives a smile at a time.

    Call for an appointment and be guided to the best dental experience. From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you walk out, you know you and your dental health are their top priority. You will find smiling faces and hear laughter throughout the office.

    This local small business remembers its roots. A plaque honoring Sheldon Frankel, DDS greets all entering the Toledo location. To serve the community more there are two locations, Toledo and Maumee. Frankel Dentistry exemplifies small business done right. They are grateful to serve by encouraging dental health. You can almost imagine the late Dr. Sheldon Frankel smiling at the progress his small business has made in Toledo, Ohio.

  2. October is Breast Cancer awareness month. To maintain a health mouth, it’s important to maintain a healthy body. In addition to your routine dental hygiene exams, it’s important to make sure you visit your primary care doctor and perform self exams to help with early detection. Studies have suggested that gum disease may increase your risk of breast cancer. Gum inflammation is not something to be ignored, so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms such as red, tender gums when you floss or brush.
    How does breast cancer affect your dental health? If you are undergoing treatment, you may develop complications that affect your mouth such as dry mouth, inflamed gums and even an increase in cavities. If you need dental work done, it’s best to have this completed prior to cancer treatment to minimize a risk for an oral infection which may suppress your immune system. It’s imperative to keep up with your oral health care routine to minimize bacteria buildup.
    This month take time to take care of yourself – whether you are in treatment or cancer free.
  3. If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea you may think your only option is to endure the inconvenience and discomfort of a CPAP mask. Fortunately there is the less troublesome option of using an oral appliance. You may have seen similar appliances advertised for sale but these are not effective, it’s important that you find a Dentist in Maumee OH who specializes in fitting these appliances as they require to be specially made to conform to the individual contours of your mouth.

    How Oral Appliances Work
    The appliance looks a lot like a mouth guard worn by a professional athlete. It is shaped in such a way as to push your lower jaw slightly forward which prevents your tongue from obstructing the airway when you sleep. It also prevents the airway from vibrating. You and certainly anyone else in the house will notice your snoring has stopped or at least become a lot milder.

    What Are the Side Effects?
    A good Dentist will be able to custom make the appliance to fit perfectly with the contours of your mouth; however a few people may feel a slight amount of discomfort when first using the appliance, this will usually pass in time. Saliva may also build up in your mouth but again with repeated use this is likely to lessen. Of course you should regularly visit the dentist to make sure no problems with your bite or the joints in your jaw develop. Although problems are rare it is always a good idea to keep an eye on things so they can be corrected before they develop into problems.

    How to Obtain Your Appliance
    Your first step is to have your Doctor refer you to a sleep specialist, they should be able to diagnose the severity of your sleep apnea and recommend the best course of treatment. Diagnosis involves them conducting a sleep study which will involve you staying overnight at a clinic. After the study you will have a follow up appointment with your sleep specialist who will then recommend the various treatment options. At this point you can discuss the use of an appliance and the specialist should be able to recommend a Dentist in Maumee OH who specializes in this type of treatment.

    Benefits of using an Appliance
    • Easy to set up – Unlike a CPAP machine there is no need to have to connect it to the electric and find a suitable place beside your bed for its location.
    • Easy to clean – With a CPAP there are tubes and masks that constantly need to be cleaned this can be awkward and time consuming. The appliance can easily be cleaned using water, a toothbrush and some standard toothpaste that does not contain a whitening agent.
    • Highly portable – Anyone that has ever had to check a CPAP machine through airport security will appreciate this. It’s one less bulky item to have to carry around with you on trips, the sense of freedom this brings should not be underestimated.

  4. Snoring is a health condition where a person experiences obstruction to his or her airway during sleep due to reasons as simple as tongue falling back into throat or as complex as respiratory problem. Most sleep apnea begins with snoring. Someone knows someone in the family that snores and talks with that person about it when the person wakes up. Unlike mild snoring, which is common during cold or hay fever, constant snoring is a anomaly that reduces depth and quality of sleep for a long time. This in turn results in the person feeling lethargic throughout the day unable to actively participate in anything, which will affect personal and professional relationship of that person and negatively impact quality of life.

    Maumee OH – Sleep Disorders and Snoring

    The important ingredient – sleep – which as we have seen is central to all stages of success in life. It’s crucial for several reasons – to build immunity and to have sound body and mind. Any obstruction causes heart rate to decrease that results in low blood oxygen level. In order to clear this obstruction, the blood oxygen level in the body should fall back to normal for it to send the signal to the brain to release adrenaline and prevent suffocation. This is a long and tedious process if the body is not in control of the level of oxygen in the blood. When the signal is sent, finally, the obstruction is broken which is indicated by the person gasping for air.

    Snoring happens when there is oxygen deprivation during decreased breathing, the degree of which is known as oxygen desaturation. While 100 percent is the oxygen saturation of a normal person with good sleeping record, people with obstructive sleep apnea or sleep disorders experience significant oxygen desaturation with their levels falling below 90 percent. Reduced blood oxygen level causes the brain to send signals in order to protect vital organs such as heart and lungs. This signal is also an indication for the blood vessels to tighten up and increase the flow to heart and brain in order to compensate for the low oxygen level in the blood. When blood vessels tighten it leads to hypertension and high blood pressure. Tightening of the blood vessels also means irregularities in sleeping pattern. The reduced oxygen level stimulates more red blood cells and thickens the blood while slowing the circulation and worsening the condition.


    So, yes, snoring is the result of oxygen deprivation in the blood. It is one of the major reasons people lose health and social well-being. Snoring causes two people in a relationship to split. It causes distress to others sleeping in the same room or vicinity and has negative impact on the quality of daily activities. Snoring is also an embarrassment when others are present. People who snore experience extreme tiredness, headaches, dry mouth and various other symptoms associated with sleep disorders. New research in Maumee OH shows that loud snorers are fast to lose health, cause accidents, have low productivity in work place and suffer from emotional problems than the rest of the people.

  5. The problems with many prescribed solutions for patients with sleep apnea is that they are dull. Given the abundance of dramatic medical interventions with which the medical industry and hence the patients are blessed, this is a shocking admission. Yet sadly its true. Modern medicine is a prolific producer of a wide range of treatment plans for sleep disorders, but the bulk of them are tedious to follow, vacuous to understand and dangerous in the long run. Some treatments are using too many ingredients, failing to design for effectiveness and emphasizing only on the short-term relief.

    CPAP in Maumee OH

    With this knowledge, it is common for a patient in Maumee OH to ask if Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP devices used for sleep apnea are dangerous. The machine is used to clear any breathing obstruction that is causing sleep apnea, and during this process, it forces air into the airway. This in turn allows the person to sleep without disruption. The airway pressure device is the air supplying agent, and however much this device tries to supply the air, at its heart it is just making sure that ample amount of air is provided while the person is asleep. Most of the time the person using this device is not aware of CPAP’s power in the night, to see for themselves the good work the machine does. So the observers need to be able to take the benefits of the machine in results, to paint images of its effectiveness. The overall answer to the above question – whether this airway pressure device is dangerous – is no, as long as the device is working properly and utilized appropriately.

    Device Misuse and Side-effects

    This means, misuse of airway pressure device can be dangerous, sometimes fatal too. While there are risks associated with electronic equipment of every kind, it is safe to say that airway pressure device machines are not completely free from side-effects. So, the three main obstacles for the device’s functionality are:

    • Too much air pressure
    • Electric shock from wetness
    • Irregular maintenance

    One of the known and obvious dangers of misused airway pressure device device is too much air pressure. Pressure level higher than prescribed may cause hemorrhaging and stroke. In minor cases, the patient may suffer from headaches that may recur without warning or after the device is detached. In all these instances, the airway pressure device should be examined for accuracy in reading and functioning as well. Another danger caused by mishandling this device is electric shock associated with the machine coming in contact with water. If this safety precaution is not followed, the machine won’t even start. Patients should be very good at handling the device, but sadly, in practice, some are not good at it at all. In their role as patients many people will spend more money in replacing the burnt electronics as a result of water intrusion. Perhaps more than any other dangers, this is where people could save the device and most easily improve its effectiveness.

    If you care for the device well, maintain it regularly and give it a clean environment in which to work, it will invariably function better and stay that way for longer.

  6. OSA refers to Obstructive Sleep Apnea and is a sleep disorder. Due to this disorder, breathing (while sleeping) stops and starts repeatedly in the patient. It is the most common type of sleep apnea. A lot of people who snore suffer from this condition. It can develop in anyone but overweight adults who are middle aged are usually common sufferers of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The following points explain how this sleep disorder might be affecting your breathing and why you should get medical help from a doctor in Maumee OH –

    • How Does Obstructive Sleep Apnea Stop Breathing? –

    When you are asleep, your throat is open so that you can breathe easily. The open throat allows air to pass in and out.

    However, in some people the throat is narrow. So, when these people fall asleep, the muscles of the throat relax intermittently and the tissues close around, blocking the airway. This causes breathing to stop.

    It might also lead to heavy snoring because air has to squeeze out through a blocked and narrow airway. However, snoring doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sometimes, when you sleep on your back, your airway can get blocked and that can lead to snoring.

    • What Happens When Your Breathing Stops? – A lot of times, OSA sufferers are unaware that their nights are punctuated by waking up. However, if you sleep with a partner or have a family member, they can tell you about your behavior when you are asleep.

    If you suffer from this disorder, you would be a loud snorer. When your breathing stops for a while, the snoring would stop as well but then, you would gasp and snort.

    This would happen multiple times during the night. The gasping and snorting can sometimes wake you up. So, if you find yourself waking up a lot during the night with a dry throat, feeling out of breath, Obstructive Sleep Apnea might just be the reason for that.

    • Can Obstructive Sleep Apnea Be Fatal? – Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious condition which can be fatal in the following ways –

    1. Strokes – Obstructive Sleep Apnea puts a strain on your cardiovascular system and increases your blood pressure. It increases the risk of hypertension and strokes, which can be fatal.

    2. Heart Conditions – If you have an underlying heart condition, sudden loss of oxygen (hypoxia) can often worsen the situation and cause cardiac arrest. Many vascular diseases have been related to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The risk of atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure is also increased due to this condition.

    3. Liver Scarring – Liver function often shows abnormal results in tests in people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It increases the risk of liver scarring.

    4. Compromised Immune System – Because Obstructive Sleep Apnea affects your sleep, it can compromise your immune system and make you vulnerable to a host of diseases and infections.

    There are various treatments for OSA and you should get medical help in Maumee OH immediately to treat it.

  7. Sleep apnea is often known as the silent killer. It is a condition that causes a person to stop breathing, sometimes hundreds of times, during the night. The lack of oxygen can cause great problems to the major organs within the body. Overtime the lack of oxygen can cause heart attack, stroke, depression and many other medical problems. Most people have fallacies about sleep apnea and think it is just a problem of those that are overweight. Actually, while being obese is a risk factor, sleep apnea can affect anyone.

    The Types of Sleep Apnea

    There are three types of sleep apnea that are identifiable. A person can be diagnosed with obstructive, central and mixed sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea is where there is a lack of help from the respiratory system to breathe when sleeping. In this type the brain doesn’t tell the lungs to breathe. However, the most common is obstructive sleep apnea and it’s all too common sign of excessive snoring. In OSA the muscles in the throat relax, and the tongue blocks the airway. Many people also have the mixed variety, which is a combination of both types.

    Devices to Help

    Many people use the C-pap machine to help keep their airways open at night. It ensures the patients is not without breath at any point during their sleep. However, many people don’t use them because they are hard to sleep with, impossible to travel with and just uncomfortable. There are new oral devices that are showing that there is no need to use the larger machines when a custom made piece can fit inside the mouth to keep airway passages open. Oral appliance therapy is rather new in the world of sleep apnea, but it shows promising results to those who suffer.

    What Is Oral Appliance Therapy?

    This small mouth piece looks similar to those that sports players use to protect their teeth. It goes inside the mouth and has small holes to allow breathing. It properly aligns the jaws so that air can flow freely when sleeping. It costs a fraction of the cost of a C-pap machine and is quickly becoming the choice for people in Maumee OH and other areas. Why use oral appliances over traditional methods? This small mouthpiece is:

    *Is Custom Made for Each Person for a Proper Fit
    *Is Easy to Transport
    *Can fit in a Purse or Suitcase
    *Doesn’t Require Any Electricity to Use
    *Is Inexpensive To Replace

    These pieces are custom made in a dentist office and ensure proper fit. There is no pain or awkward sleeping with this device in place. It’s easy to get used to and makes dealing with sleep apnea simple.

    Who Gets Sleep Apnea?

    While previously discussed obesity is a risk factor for this disease, there are also many other factors. Most people think of a man who snores allot as the poster child for this problem, but it can affect someone in their teen years too. Another risk factor is age. The elderly often see poor muscle tone and that includes the muscles in the throat area. When the muscles in the throat become relaxed, it can cause sleep apnea.

    There is no one in Maumee OH or any other area is immune. It is estimated that eighty percent of those who suffer with this condition go undiagnosed and untreated. Having proper treatment, like using the oral devices, can help save a life.

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