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  1. a set of teeth used by dentists for demonstration

    Tap. Tap. Tap. How do your teeth come together?

    There are three keys to a healthy occlusion or dental bite.


  2. How healthy is that smile hidden behind your safety mask?

    “It is a service to others when you wear a mask…”, shares Dr. Jonathan Frankel of Toledo, Ohio, “…but is it affecting your dental health?”


  3. Father’s Day is in just a few days.

    The doctors, healthcare providers, and staff at Frankel Dentistry know the importance of a great dad. They are changing lives a smile at a time because of their founding father, Dr. Sheldon Frankel.


  4. emergancy dentist
    Where is your dentist?
    Frankel Dentistry has served the Toledo community with an always better philosophy since 1946 when Dr. Sheldon Frankel opened the doors. One of his proudest moments was when his son, Jonathan decided on a career in dentistry.


  5. I wouldn’t work anywhere else!

    You notice it the minute you call on the phone or walk in the door. The doctors, healthcare providers and staff at Frankel Dentistry love what they do.


  6. It is that time of year to gobble up all your favorite Thanksgiving foods. Ever wonder what Thanksgiving dish is best for your teeth? Keep reading and find out.


    Let’s start with the main dish, the turkey. Turkey is packed with protein but can get stuck in your teeth. Make sure you keep a floss pick close by the dinner table.


    Your gums will be very thankful for this delicious dish. Yams are full of Vitamin A and C, which help keep our gums healthy. The added sugar and marshmallows make it almost a dessert. Brush after eating or if your toothbrush is nowhere to be seen, swish with water.

    Mashed Potatoes

    Now, this potato may be a good source of vitamin C and potassium, but they also contain starch. There is a type of sugar in this starchy dish that cavity-causing bacteria love to feast on.

    Green Bean Casserole

    This dish might be packed with healthy vegetables like green beans, mushrooms, and onions, but cover those ingredients with a sticky thick sauce and you can find yourself picking out little bits of remaining green beans between your teeth all night long.

    Pumpkin Pie

    Although this tasty dessert does contain added sugar which we all know is not the best for our teeth, it also contains a small amount of Vitamin A that comes from the pumpkin. Vitamin A helps keep your gums healthy and helps protect your teeth by building enamel.

    All of these popular and tasty Thanksgiving dishes have small benefits to your oral health. Remember this Thanksgiving to rinse your mouth with water between bites and to brush and floss after your meal. Your mouth will be thankful that you did.

  7. How do the doctors and staff at Frankel Dentistry live their ALWAYS BETTER value?

    They are in monthly meetings and trainings. From computer software updates to the latest in oral home care to business academies and communication courses, these folks take their profession and ultimately their patient care to the next level and beyond.

    Continuing Education – Business Academy 1.0

    This month Dr. Frankel and Dr. Puhl sent a few members of our team to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Paragon Business Academy 1.0 conference. This conference was put on by The Paragon Program whose mission it is to help dentists grow on a personal, professional, and practice level. This two-day conference was filled with helpful tips and techniques on how to run an efficient and productive front office. Our team learned how to set and reach our monthly goals, maintain an organized office and maximize communication.

    Bruce Christopher Seminars

    Bruce Christopher Seminars

    HLS Orthodontics hosted a fabulous event on October 25th. The staff and doctors from both Toledo and Maumee locations found out, “Why are Women So Strange… And Men So Weird?” Psychologist  Bruce Christopher brought humor and depth to the age old dilemma of communication between the sexes. There were lots of “ahas” and it is obvious the Frankel Dental team will be bringing communication to new heights.

    For more information on these programs:

    Frankel Dentistry is known for creating the best dental experience. That experience doesn’t start when you take a seat in one of our chairs but from the moment you pick up the phone and talk with our front desk. Frankel Dentistry has been changing lives a smile at a time since 1946 with an always better philosophy.

  8. Vaping-maumee-toledo

    By now, you have probably heard the news surrounding the popular trend that is vaping. Health officials, lawmakers, and parents have been raising concerns about this cigarette alternative for a couple of years now. Vaping came out as a healthier alternative for smokers but as we have recently figured out that this is not true.


  9. Brushing tips to keep kids brushing their teeth.

    Mornings can be tough, especially for those getting back into the school routine. The start of a new school year means busy schedules and readjusting to those tough school hours. Getting up early and going to bed at a decent hour can be hard for young kids who are still used to the summer schedule. (more…)